Top Irish Dogs on Instagram To Follow

Forget Doug, Tucker, Maya, Aspen or any other international doggos. Ireland has some of the cutest Instagram dogs in the whole world! So, if you’re a fan of dogs or you’re guilty of following influencers mainly because of how cute their dogs are, read on!

Here is my list of top Irish Dogs that are too adorable not to follow:

Toby the Gentleman Bostie

Featured on The Dodo, Ceasar Milan, DogsofInstagram and even Instagram’s account, this dapper Boston Terrier has amassed over 50,000 followers in a very short time. Whether he is dressing up in costume fits or frolicking through some luscious fields, he is sure to brighten up your day. And your Instagram feed will never look cuter.

Bobby Dassler the Social Daschund

Mr. Bobby Dassler may be a smaller dog, but his personality is huge. This posh boy can be found sporting bowties or on rainy-day adventures with his parents. 

Bobby is also the head organiser at Sausage Dog Social Club. Once a month, dachshund and wannabe Dashshund’s from all over Ireland meet up to socialise. It was even covered by RTE!

George the Great Dane

George is a very earnest fellow. He loves to rock neck-scarf collars and sleek dog attire. But don’t let his fashion sense and serious looks fool you, George is quite the goofball!

Phoebe the Fashionista Lurcher

Next up is Miss Phoebe. As you can tell, she is definitely the Anna Wintour of the dog world. Catch her sporting a glamorous look or posing with her parents. Either way, her refined personality is bound to add some sophistication to your feed. 

Otis the Fluffiest Chow Chow

Chow Chows are some of the fluffiest and goofiest pups around. And Otis here is just that. He also happens to have received his degree from the dog training school at DSPCA. So he’s a highly educated pupper.

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F R I Y A Y 😆

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Roxy, Jasmine 🌈 & Karen – The Dog-Friendly Guides of Ireland

Smalldogs_bigcity is an account run by Roxy’s mom Karen. Roxy & Karen are always ecstatic to go on an adventure and will be quick to share a photo or two of the newest chic cafe they found. The trio recently became a duo when Jasmine unexpectedly passed away. Jasmine was the high five queen and loved to meet people! Both Roxy and Karen were left heartbroken but they will continue on Jasmine’s mission to make Ireland more dog friendly.

Jem & Leane Woodfull 

Miss Jem here is a true gem. Though I discovered her through her famous mom’s Instagram, she actually has her own puppy account @jemthefrenchie. This Frenchie-mix is down to earth and loves her nap time!

Cooper & Lousie Cooney 

Not only has his mom Lousie Cooney made the cover of Stellar magazine, but Cooper is pictured right there with her! As you can tell, he has adopted his mother’s great hair. This dachshund is a chill dude and the ultimate adventure partner. He has his own insta account too @cooper_thedachshund.

Willay, Nell & The Purcell Sisters 

Everyone in Ireland knows who Purcell sisters are so this about Mr. Willay & Nell! Willay is a “bad boy” as proclaimed in his mom’s Tik Tok feature. But besides being an influencer on the gram and Tik Tok, this pup loves to spend time with his mom and is her number one protector. 

This dynamic duo matches their parents and completes the family! You can find Nell and Willay accompanying their pawrents in the great outdoors. Most likely on a strenuous hike.

Remi & Ciara O’Doherty  

Remi might get a bit camera shy when asked to pose but don’t be mistaken, this pup is just as elegant as her mom. Remi also happened to get her credentials from the dog school at DSPCA. Too many educated puppers on this list!

El & Evan Doherty 

Miss El belongs to fashion photographer Evan Doherty. Not only is El brave and willing to take on any trek, but she is also a bit sassy. Catch her front and centre on her dad’s stories swimming in massive waves or being a rebel and posing in front of “no dogs” zones.

Stanley & Sarah Hanrahan  

Stanley though only making a few cameos on his mom’s Instagram page, is often featured in her stories. Whether he is trying to give virtual kisses or just enjoying his chew toy, this cutie will put a smile on your face. 

Pippa & Kelly Horrigan 

Pippa is one smiley doggo, in every story, she stars in, she is always just happy to be there. She is a real-life teddy bear and a real sweetheart!

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Bear & Caroline Foran 

Bear is another favourite with his adorable floppy ears. You can find him on his mom’s page @Carolineforan, helping her to write her next bestseller.

Poppy, Rufus & Chupi Sweetman

This adorable pairing is little bundles of joy. Whether striking a pose or simply cuddling up, they know how to make a statement. I think they got it from their mom Chupi Sweetman the CEO of @chupi.

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When we went to the rescue centre in North Dublin all of the dogs rushed to the edge of the cage woofing and whining, all I could think was I want to take them all home 💔 . But Brian saw this tiny scutty dog sitting at the very bag of the cage shaking, he asked could we see her? And that was how Poppy came home with us 💗 Well after the nice lady from Dog’s Aid came around to inspect our house at 8am on a Saturday morning, she rang half an hour before and I have never cleaned the house so fast! She was so lonely and essentially just checked that the garden (euphemism for our tiny yard!) was safe. . We always knew we wanted two, but planned to adopt them a little apart. When we went back to get Poppy’s stitches out they asked would we like another? We said no not yet, but they said Poppy’s brother Ru was being badly bullied by other dogs so they had to segregate him alone and even if we took him for a few weeks to give him a break? Out came this tiny scared pup, his ears were so flat against his head it took until the next day that to realise they actually went up. . It’s five years since we adopted these two, I never really understood the difference between buying a dog and adopting one but when we went to the dog shelter I truly got it. Hundreds of gorgeous dogs (and cats and other lovely animals) were abandoned because they were just not convenient, or maybe not as cute as they once were or simply unloved. I thought I wanted a cute dog, I ended up with two scruffy mutts who are so full of personality I couldn’t love them more. . Here’s to scruffy underdogs 🥂

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Rua & Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Rua is just a teeny-tiny pup featured by his mom, Éadaoin Fitzmaurice, on social media. Though tiny he is certainly mighty, and seemingly always well-rested. Her cuteness will make you instantly want to hit that follow button.

Lexi & Courtney Smith

This rottie, loves the beach (and her mom of course). Her excitement to be outdoors will inspire you to get active, you might end up adopting a rottweiler yourself! Lexi is full of energy and too adorable not to follow!

Ringo & Michele Mcgrath 

Ringo like the beloved Beatles member is a star! He is an exuberant character and love to flaunt his statement bandanas.

Toby & Ben – Leanne Moore

Leanne Moore has double trouble with her two kiddos, Toby and Ben. Another great couple of dogs that will bring nothing but smiles when they pop up on your feed.

Monty & Emily O’Donnell

Monty, besides having an iconic name, also happens to have an iconic personality. Catch him giving a tour of his dog crib or being a total goofball. Either way, he will surely keep you amused.

Bruce & Gavin James

Bruce’s dad may be a popular musician, but this pup has a stage presence of his own. With his puppy eyes alone he will steal your heart.

Luna & Jason Boland

Another musician furkid is Luna the golden retriever. She is a delight. She is laid-back, chilled, and always ready for the camera. Keep up with her through her dad’s Instagram or check out her personal account @lunagoldenirish.

Leonard, Charlie & Thalia

The boys are back with Leonard and Charlie. While they are often found bouncing about, they also love a good cuddle from their mom Thalia. These two with their mom are bound to give you a laugh!

Monty & The Mont Dublin

Now, this Monty means serious business. No seriously, this adorable girl is the face of the Mont Hotel in Dublin. She is not just any typical doggo, she is a boss lady!

Honourable Mention:
Gin & Tonic The Frenchie Pugs

Last but certainly not least, Gin & Tonic. Like the classic cocktail, these two are a timeless pair. They may be messy, but the fact they are so adorable makes up for it! The best part is, they are my dogs. 🐶

They are actual brothers! Can you tell?

Am I an influencer? Definitely not.

Did I write this entire article to put my own dog on this list? Absolutely.

Do I regret this decision? Not in the slightest.

Am I about to share a million photos of my own dog in my own article?


You’re welcome…

Who’s your favourite influencer dog?

(Header image courtesy of  Monty & The Mont Dublin)

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