Artisan Bakery Website

Bunrise Artisan Bakery, a homerun bakery that makes handmade baked goods using the finest ingredients and utmost care, had recently undergone a rebranding exercise.

Bunrise started with minimal marketing and brand activation that was generating a good amount of sales from social channels such as Facebook and Instagram, and the next important step for the brand was to make their products more accessible to a larger audience by having a strong online presence. The idea was to build a visually delightful web presence that’d turn visitors into potential customers. All of this with no to minimal time spent in looking after the website itself as they do not have a dedicated workforce to do so. Reviews & Images are directly updated from facebook and instagram respectively.

Menu is a work in progress as we are looking to add ecommerce functionality where people can place an order online for collection or delivery. It should be ready soon.


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