How to Write the Perfect Used Car Ad to Sell More Cars for Your Dealership

Cars are big-ticket items, and this means your customers will spend a lot of time finding the vehicle that’s perfect for them: they’ll consider the mileage, the age of the car, how their other family members will like it, whether the car fits their particular needs…

There’s a lot for your customer to consider and it’s your job to present your car accurately and in the best possible light.

In the last post in this series, I discussed how you could capture beautiful images of your vehicles that will enchant your customers. This week, I am going to look at how focusing on the benefits can help you to write the best possible car ad copy.

Focus on the Benefits…

Being able to tell the difference between features and benefits is critical to selling your vehicles.

Let’s take a simple example: mileage.

You could write that the vehicle on offer does 12 Km/L. That’s a feature – a simple statement that is devoid of emotion of imagination. It’s an objective fact.

You could write, though, that an excellent mileage will help your customer to save money over the long-run, making the car a keen investment that keeps on giving. That’s a benefit – exactly how the feature is going to benefit the customer.

Every single feature can be converted into a benefit, and this benefit-driven style of writing is continuously used throughout the advertising world. Coca-Cola doesn’t wax lyrical about carbonated soda; it boasts about making the drinker part of a community and teaching the world to sing.

…But Be Accurate with the Features

While it’s important to augment your copy with engaging and imaginative descriptions of benefits, it’s also incredibly important that everything you produce is grounded in reality. You should never cloud the truth about detail in flowery language but accommodate for space where you can outline those features clearly.

Analysis of Samples

Across the web, you’ll find countless examples of car ad copy to either draw inspiration from or see as cautionary tales. Let’s look at three cases to help us look at car ad copy critically and better orient ourselves.

Too Heavily Focused on Features

This description of a Renault Captur is an example of just how poor descriptions can be when they don’t focus at all on benefits. This copy fails to capture the imagination and doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

Dealerships should be passionate about vehicles and help their customers to share in that passion. Focus your copy around benefits, and you’ll blow descriptions like these out of the water.

Let’s take a look at how might be able to spice up this copy without moving into the world of fiction:

“This 5-door Renault Captur is in wonderful condition, the perfect choice to keep you and your family safe in all conditions. A 2018 model, this jet black hatchback comes equipped with all of the state-of-the-art features that make driving such a pleasure. Features like keyless entry, fingertip controls and electric rear windows put you in control and give you an unbeatable driving experience. For a full list of features (warning – it’s a long read), check out the list below.”

This text can absolutely be improved, but it’s a good start and much more imaginative than the initial version that I had.

From an SEO perspective, it’s also fantastic to have these more fleshed out descriptions which will help your website to rank organically for specific keywords.

Copy with Character

Buying a vehicle should be exciting – capturing these positive emotions and helping your potential customer to associate them with your dealership is a powerful way to earn their customer.

Take this tantalising sample as an example.

The entire page looks excellent: there are calls to action, attractive images, an imaginative introduction and a list of features.

When I compare this sample with the feature-heavy one above, it’s very easy to imagine which one customers are going to go for.

Invest In Your Copy: Enlist the Help of a Professional

As audience, I like to read texts that are smart and understandable. You should make it your goal to produce copy that is readable but also says something in a new way. You want people to think, and this will make your ad stand out among the rest.

Just take Ogilvy’s flawless and timeless Rolls-Royce ad. This is just a clever little thought that he spun into a smart little phrase:

When I read copy like this – that takes a moment to register – it’s a pleasurable feeling once our brains solve the puzzle, and you can enlist the services of a copywriter to help you achieve this.

You could could contact me as I can produce engaging texts based on your recommendations and requirements.

Likeable descriptions paired alongside beautiful photographs you’ll be attracting more customers than ever before.

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