Free Marketing Support during COVID-19

So just when I thought its time for me to go self-employed the virus outbreak emerged! 😪

As I am going through very challenging times, both personally and in business- I want to be as helpful as possible to others in a similar situation. I am willing to offer FREE Marketing Consultation to any Solopreneur or Microbusiness in Ireland who are struggling because of Coronavirus. If you have a specific marketing issue in your business you want help with, get in touch!

Please be mindful that fewer people are hanging out on the streets but as they have more time on their hands they are spending it all online. Use this opportunity to build your web presence, sell online, communicate with your customers and ask if they need any help.

Keeping up with the challenges and communicating your message via marketing channels can help your business survive in this time of adversity. Social media announcements are a must, but personal communications can’t be neglected.

If you need help with sending newsletters to your customers to show them you care and are ready to support their needs or even asking for their support in tough times give me a shout.

I wish everyone good health and yes…stay strong, don’t give up and pivot if needs be! We’ll get through it together.

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