7 Creative Video Ideas That Will Blow Your Car Dealership Customers Away

Video content is still growing in popularity. In fact, mobile video consumption rises by an amazing 100% each year. This means that by 2022, online videos will make up for a staggering 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

Are you ready to satisfy the needs of your potential customers with a fantastic video? In this piece, I’ll take a look at some incredibly creative video ideas that you can leverage to put yourself head and shoulders above the competition.

Let’s get started and I’d love to hear your creative ideas too! Leave a comment!

7 Creative Automotive Video Content Ideas

Let’s dive straight into ten great video content ideas that you can use to market your automotive business.

1. Film a testimonial

We are naturally social creatures and our brains are hardwired to pay attention to the thoughts and feelings of the people around us. This means that we’re all very quick to follow recommendations.

Why don’t you make the most of this dynamic by filming a customer testimonial? This can help you to share an intriguing story with your audience and demonstrate the value of your business.

Best of all, this is an incredibly simple idea to execute. People don’t expect anything particularly groundbreaking here – simply pay attention to good video and audio, and you’ll be on your way to success.

Here’s a great example of an effective customer testimonial video from Washify. It’s pretty flashy, but it gives a great idea of what’s possible:

2. Create content about a particular feature

Lots of people are incredibly passionate about the power and potential of cars. This makes your job much easier – you have an audience out there that’s desperate for content!

You should be sure to take stock of the existing videos out there – how much depth do they go into, and do they cover all of the features of a given vehicle? If not, you could have a big opportunity on your hands.

You could create a fast and in-depth video that hones in on a single feature of one of your vehicles. Is there something particularly neat about the VW Golf that you want to show off? You can be sure that there’ll be an audience for your video.

This is also a very powerful way to optimise your SEO initiative by creating hyper-focused content. Here’s an example of a video that takes a look at a specific look at a feature on the VW Golf:

3. Take your audience behind the scenes

Human beings are naturally curious and we all jump at the opportunity to learn something new and get some privileged information. Could you take your audience behind the scenes to show them something exciting?

Perhaps you’ll get to enjoy privileged access to different automotive shows, for instance. You could easily create lots of popular content that your audience would love to watch.

Here’s a great example of a video from Carfection. In this video, Henry walks his viewers through his highlights of the 2019 Geneva motor show. It’s easy to see why viewers love this type of content:

4. Show your product in action

Before purchasing a car, lots of people will spend an incredible amount of time researching the various options out there. They’ll hoover up a huge amount of content and they’ll relish the opportunity to see their new potential vehicle from all angles.

This is why it could be a great idea to show your product in action. Perhaps you might want to show specific vehicles and how they handle, for instance, or you might want to offer more in-depth reviews and walkthroughs.

You could use this content in a number of places and you’ll be sure to get the most from it. Here’s an example of an Audi A1 Sportback review from carwow. As you can see, it’s entirely possible for you to create this type of content yourself:

5. Interview an expert

Isn’t it a pleasure to sit and listen to somebody who knows what they’re talking about? You could give that gift to your viewers by recording an interview with an expert.

There are countless people you might decide to interview for your content. Here are just some ideas of the potential candidates that you might have available to you:

  • Mechanics
  • Your own team members
  • Automotive journalists
  • Enthusiasts
  • Previous customers

Those interviews are a great way to give your content a human face and share something exciting with your potential viewers. This is an excellent example of an expert interview:

6. Craft a before and after video

If you’ve browsed YouTube recently, you’ll undoubtedly have seen how passionate people are about before and after videos! There’s something incredibly cathartic and satisfying about watching something go from dirty to clean – perhaps you could share this type of content with your audience?

You could record a timelapse of you cleaning a particular vehicle, for instance. This will make for some popular video content and it also demonstrates that you’re passionate about responsibly maintaining your vehicles – people will love to see the activity.

Here’s a great example of a before and after cleaning video:

7. Share an anecdote

People love to listen to stories. Our brains are wired to understand narrative and it’s very pleasing to listen to a great story we’re interested in. If you have a particularly interesting story or anecdote, why not share it with your potential customers?

Your customers will be sure to relish this entertaining content. You might be able to share something insightful or funny, and it will be sure to give your dealership more personality.

Again, this type of content is really simple to record. You could quickly set up your camera and get to work right away. Here’s a great video of Lionel Richie telling a story about his Mercedes:

Develop a Strategy for Your Video Content

Having the right ideas is one thing, but you’ll need to use your video content effectively if you’re going to get the best results. Be sure to read my piece on how car dealerships can effectively use video content.

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