Attention Dealers: For God’s Sake, Write Proper Description Of Each Vehicle in Your Inventory

Cars are big-ticket items, and this means your customers will spend a lot of time finding the vehicle that’s perfect for them. They’ll consider the mileage, the age of the car, how their other family members will like it, whether the vehicle fits their particular needs, etc.

There’s a lot for your customer to consider and it’s your job to present your vehicle accurately and in the best possible light. Most of the dealers are doing a stellar job in taking high-quality images of their used car stock. When I analysed thousands of these vehicle listings across numerous used car marketplaces, I felt let down. I found that fewer than 50% of them had any seller comments/description at all – whether they were customised or auto-generated comments. Another 25% had the features list which is well and good, but it’s boring! 

The Automatic comment builders are supposed to save time, but for most – they don’t. Managers still have to sit down and spend some thought time by selecting the “hot items” to be inserted into the comments, then optimise the first 150-250 characters. This is the main reason why many have stopped writing personalised comments altogether.

Tailored comments will let you highlight what makes a particular car unique and will help you move it off the lot much faster. Not just that, it also shows how much you care about the reader and their experience. That’s where I’ve been trying to figure out a solution. I went a little nuts and decided to write them manually for my clients.

I focus on benefits and not just the features. Being able to tell the difference between features and benefits is critical to selling your vehicles.

Let’s take a simple example: mileage.

You could write that the vehicle on offer does 12 Km/L. That’s a feature – a simple statement that is devoid of emotion of imagination. It’s an objective fact.

You could write, though, that an excellent mileage will help you save money over the long-run, making the car a keen investment that keeps on giving. That’s a benefit – exactly how the feature is going to benefit the customer.

Every single feature can be converted into a benefit, and this benefit-driven style of writing will be used throughout your listings. While it’s essential to augment your copy with engaging and imaginative descriptions of benefits, it’s also incredibly important that everything you produce is grounded in reality. You should never cloud the truth about detail in flowery language but accommodate for space where you can outline those features clearly. Also, adding one line comment about the vehicle and 20 lines about how you are the number two Hyundai dealer in all of Cork isn’t personalisation but boasting.

Everyone in the motor industry has used an automated description generator or just the features list or nothing at all for years but if you would like to give a try to my benefit-driven style of writing – Send me a message!

Ps. I am happy to send two samples for FREE that are explicitly crafted for your inventory. Just send me the link of your two vehicles with basic vehicle info and features, and I will get back to you with descriptions!

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